Outfitting your home with barware essentials will allow you to host and toast whenever you please. Enjoy fancy cocktail parties and dinner parties with all of your friends and family – and rest easy knowing that whatever the occasion, you can serve a drink fit for it!

For any true bar, there are around fifteen essentials that you need. Some of these, such as a classic coffee mug, you may already have while others, such as a stylish carafe, you may not. Here are some of the products you will find on our site to equip your future or current bar.

1. Coffee mugs – this may seem a bit odd for “alcoholic” based drinks, however if you’ve never tried any warm drinks that are spiced up with some alcohol, then you’re truly missing out! Get some coffee mugs stocked up and try a hot toddy or some buttered rum this winter!

2. Wine carafe – these are not only stylish, but highly functional. Serve your guests some beautiful wine and that’s flavor has been enhanced with the exposure to air from a carafe!

3. Juice glasses – perfect for juice based cocktails such as a screwdriver, greyhound, or rum and orange!

4. Shot glasses – clearly a simple yet highly necessary item for any bar. Enjoy some jaeger bombs, or simply use shot glasses for a measuring device.

5. Red wine glasses – wide round bottomed wine glasses are ideal for red wine. Let the wine breathe and enjoy the enhanced flavor!

6. White wine glasses – these are subtly different from red wine glasses, however are essential for any true lover of wine. Smaller mouths on these glasses allow less oxidation and preserve the flavor of the white wine.

7. Champagne flutes – these tall and slender flutes are ideal for sparkling wines and will allow you to celebrate even the classiest events within your own home!

8. Whisky glasses – these old fashioned glasses are ideal for anything ‘on the rocks’ or straight. With these whisky glasses at your disposal you can enjoy a single malt drink with all your friends at your next house party!

9. Margarita glasses – a margarita simply cannot be served in any standard glass. The unique margarita glasses are a must for any bar!

10. Martini glasses – these glasses are essential for those gin or vodka martinis that are simply irresistible. With straight edges, unlike their margarita glass cousins, these types of drinkware can even be used for serving elegant desserts or appetizers!

11. Pint glasses – a glass of Guinness or lager simply must be served in a pint glass. You simply cannot go wrong with having a few extra pint glasses lying around your bar.

12. Cocktail shaker – create stunning cocktails and mixed drinks with either a standard or Boston style cocktail shaker!

13. Highball glasses – a unique glass that is tall and narrow, used in the creation of various drinks such as rum and coke as well as vodka tonics.

14. Bar tools – these tools include strainers, jigger, spoon, and opener – a must for any bar!

15. Ice bucket – someone want something served on the rocks? No worries for you because you’ve got your fancy new ice bucket and tongs at your disposal!